Dumitru Alexandru - Film Sound Editor

Dumitru Alexandru

I was born into a musical family and my interest in audio began to show at an early age, having a particular passion for drums.  I’ve experimented with music whenever possible, from lead vocal and drum player in a thrash metal band, to a DJ at 16.  From there, I jumped from playing other artists’ music to remixing their songs.  And later on, creating my own.  That is when I first came to use software for creating and mastering sounds.  This laid the groundwork for an ambitious career choice.

In 2010, a remix and a personal composition granted me a partially financed scholarship at Point Blank Music College in London in Music Production and Sound Engineering.

In 2011, I joined the Chainsaw Europe team.

While I am still interested in playing & composing music, I discovered that nothing interests and fascinates me more than sound design and sound editing.  A good picture needs to tell a good story, and filling it with specific sounds is my way to creatively help tell the picture’s story.  From ambiences to car crashes, from foley to easily understandable lines, I love to acquire, create, and manipulate sounds to fit a scene.



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