Chainsaw Europe

  • Agon

    Director: Robert BudinaFIND OUT MORE
  • Bad Penny

    Director: Andrei CretulescuFIND OUT MORE
  • Gone Wild

    Director: Dan CureanFIND OUT MORE
  • Hello! How Are You?

    Director: Alexandru MafteiFIND OUT MORE
  • If I Want To
    Whistle, I Whistle

    Director: Florin SerbanFIND OUT MORE
  • Killing Time

    Director: Florin Piersic Jr.FIND OUT MORE
  • Loverboy

    Director: Catalin MitulescuFIND OUT MORE
The Art of Moving Pictures: Storytelling

At Chainsaw Europe, we serve the Romanian and the international movie industry by bringing to life the vision of highly talented, creative directors and producers from around the world. Over almost a decade, we have come to understand how to best contribute - from storyboards, to editing, sound design and composition, to visual effects.

Creatives at Chainsaw are too delicate and professional to be called simple workers. Their craft makes them the best in Romania.

Florin Piersic Jr. – Director / Actor, Romania
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